cub cadet vs toro zero turn 2020cub cadet vs toro zero turn 2020

cub cadet vs toro zero turn 2020 cub cadet vs toro zero turn 2020

It cuts better and will last longer without any minor or major repairs. The Boulevard doesnt have the step and rail. He has 5 acres of farm lawn with a few steeper slopes. 3. Its very comfortable to useand built well. Trying to decide between a 54 Magnum MZ ztr Bad Boy and a Ariens Ikon X 52, any words of advise? I am not reading about anyone having the EZT hydros die early on. The 52 and larger sizes cut as well as any other brand. 1. Any thoughts on that machine? My first choice for you is a Country Clipper Boulevard zero-turn. Like Walker, Country Clipper has been around for over 30 years and they specialize in rural or farm properties. Theres no rival for this brand in terms of beating those slopes. In the 42 range, Toro is a clear winner. I realize that I wont be towing all of the time and more of a nice to have when I need it. $4399 $3499 = $900. 4. Hey Paul have you ever looked into Dixie Chopper or Bush Hog ZT products? Ive been using my Dads Ikonx52 bc his grandson was cutting his yard but that stopped so he needs his back now so my turn to cough up for a ZTM. Bush Hog has always catered to the farm and ranch crowd so you will only find them at a farm implement dealer. Below that list, I discuss the more popular brands and why buying a certain brand may be the best choice for you. Thanks for your reply. 1.5 plus acre yard, mostly flat but bumpy enough to hammer 3 lawn tractors to death in 20 years. The most important thing to me besides the bagger is reliability. You must log in or register to reply here. I do like the 42 in you sent above. Im fine with spending up to $4,000. Equipment. This machine was a beast. I was able to test drive the 2016. Its a heavy-duty mower but the Deere will have more options available like baggers and mulch kits. Expect 500-800 hour engine life. Been using a 42 in cone drive dixon for 20 years with blower bagger. When you are looking at the price of the Deere just remember the hitch is $150 additional! For the Toro, the front tires are 114 inches and the large rear tires are 18 x 7.5 inches. It is still a very popular mower with farmers who have long ditches and large areas to mow. lol I was originally thinking the Toro 75742 or cubcadet ULTIMA ZT1-42 solely based on customer reviews and price but now Im wondering if I should spend the extra to get the Toro 75755 due to the MyRide. BTW, north coast California mowing May Oct. Then the rains come and mowing slows down substantially. Its worth the extra $400 over the Toro has better transmissions than the Toro and cuts as well as the Ariens. Seems like a few people I have talked to during my research have all said to not get Cub and go with the Toro. I think they would have to be ordered. Appreciate it. They made a few improvements and painted them white. Id like to stay cost conscious but I am willing to pay more for an exquisite end result. Zero-turn Steering Wheel. Scag has also been around for a long time and the larger mowers are very popular with landscape contractors. Hi Daron, Would you please point me to where you read or heard that Toro only has a tow limit of 85lbs? The best mower in that price range for ride, cut quality, cutting speed and long life components including the drive belts is the Exmark Lazer Z X-Series. Both Cub Cadet and Toro offer many feature-rich zero-turn mowers. We also have a gorilla yard cart and would like some thing with a hitch pin to pull around firewood or brush etc. In any case, heres a link to a video about the Turning Point Center shelter for the elderly homeless in Houston, TX so you can get an idea about the organization and how it runs. With the Walker, he was able to mow the hill mostly side to side, or on a diagonal, rather than up and down. 2020 The Thirteen Best 42-46 Inch Zero Turn Mowers, I dont have a problem buying through the Home Depot. The Ryobi is holding up well and the owners like it a lot. Ask him about any specials he has coming up because a lot of dealers will have a spring special (i.e. Its only $300 more than the MX5075 but you get a whole lot more mower. agpro of new albany is the premier power equipment in the midwest ----- financing available, we take trades, delivery available -----only 191 hours----- ag pro is your premier equipment . It seems to me Id get a stamped deck, better engine and some comfort things like arm rests if I do upgrade to the 50/52 in either model so the $400 may be very much worth it. The governor on the Kohler is a little more responsive when mowing tall, heavy grass. It will last the life of the mower. My current tractor mower is a Husqvarna 46. Will the 42 suffice or should I get 46 or 48. In short, you cant go wrong purchasing either model, but there are some major and minor differences that may cause you to prefer one over the other. Ive always liked John Deere, but I am concerned that their decks accumulate too much grass clippings and get clogged. Do you have an opinion on these two units or recommend a mother brand in the same price point? I really appreciate your website, your keen insights, and all your help. That Craftsman Pro is made by MTD. The Gravely ZT HD is the same mower as the Apex. Final questionWould you consider the Ariens Ikon XL 52 or the John Deere Z375R ZTrak over the MX5075? Even though the Ultima is twice the cost of the tractor it will win when you look at the real cost of ownership especially for using it commercially. Its really a light duty mower and a few years of bouncing it around your property and it will start to have issues like the frame stress cracking, front casters breaking, etc. The Kohler 7000 is an extended life engine. There are a lot of factors that make mulching a pain in the butt. factory warranty !!!! I have also noticed the Craftsman Pro Series 48 ZTR is on sale for about $3300, putting it in my price range. free pickup and delivery or a discount on the turn-up) If the non pro Gavely units were part of the 20% off deal, I might go that route as the dealer is 5 or 6 miles from the house. Mostly everybody has said stay away from any of the John Deere! To steer right, pull back the right bar while keeping the left bar pressed forward. Im going to be down in the Bradley, Il area the middle of June. The Ariens IKON XL 42 comes to mind. Nationwide we are very early in the season ( I still have 2 feet of snow on the ground) so Im fairly sure that there is plenty of stock. I currently either mulch or side-discharge my clippings and will likely continue to do so. Hi Laurrelle, The Walker is one of the best for hills. With the Toro in smart speed you can pull 450 lbs whenever you want but all the other residential ZTRs you are limited to 260 lbs. The second choice is the Toro Titan with MyRide. #1 Home Improvement Retailer. I suggest taking a look at the Exmark Radius E and Radius S before you look at the Scag. 3. I have been trying to decide on a new mower. (I did cut the lawn once with a 21 walk behind mower took me 2 hours and 45 minutes, and walking the hillside sideways with that mower was really hard on my knees and hips. Check them out here: Toro TimeCutter MX5075 with MyRIDE Suspension System 50 in. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What would be your advise for a mostly level 2 acre lawn but use to be an old farm crop filed that is pretty rough? Good to know that their ZTRs dont have the issue. Looked at: Ariens, Walker, Ferris, Skag, Toro, ExMark, JD, Husqvarna, Hustler, Gravely, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Bad Boy, and Snapper maybe a couple others losing count. 3. Its a very heavy-duty mower. If you could help me, I would be so very grateful. You helped me purchase my last mower which was a 46 Craftsman Pro and it worked out great for our needs at our last home (hills/very few trees). Its really interesting how the Internet can get facts turned upside down. Check it out here: Is the 3-blades on the Ariens an advantage for mulching? ), The first contractor I hired used some kind of walk behind mower with a 36 cutting deck, and he mostly rode on a sulky while mowing the hill side to side. Both have heavy-duty fabricated decks and Kohler/Kawasaki engines. Dont really care for the gravely dealer. They make a good flaunt of their 11-gauge fabricated decks, which are highly dependable. Both are rated for a lawn up to .9 acres and max cutting height of 2.8 inches. I hope you find a good dealer to work with and enjoy the mower you decide on. The manufactures are building all kinds of equipment but the dealers are not qualifying the buyers so they get the right equipment for the jobs they have. Hi Dan, Yes, the Bad Boy Maverick is their best residential mower. I too am a stand-on guy so I really like your list. It is mostly level ground and what is not is easy to use a push mower. (You can raise the deck vertically once its on the trailer so it doesnt take up as much room.). So many choices! John Deere Z530M. Paul I managed to ride it up and down the hillside a couple of times before it died on me. The Kubota is overpriced for what you get. I would like a mower with a long life-expectancy that is fast and dependable, cuts down on our extensive weed-eating, and wont fall apart when/if we mow the ditch or pull a cart or lawn sweeper. Please stop back later this summer and tell us how you like your new mower! At 1350 pounds it weighs 50% more than a similar size residential mower. I am considering a 60 inch deck Ariens Ikon XD 23 HP. Hi James, The John Deere uses both the Intek and the ELS Briggs engines in various mowers. Hi Kathy, You will be very happy with the Patriot. 22 HP Gas Dual Hydrostatic. The angle of the belt from the engine to mower is less when the deck is higher and that seems to help. The Deere probably looks a little better to me too, but my mower doesnt need to be pretty, as long as its not ugly and it mows well and has adequate service support if needed. HD is about 200 cheaper right now. Nov 16, 2020 #2 . This simply means you wouldnt need to bend over and grease now and then, and you also wouldnt experience any spindle problems with the Cub Cadet ZT1. Im looking at the specs from a booklet recently supplied by the local Cub Cadet dealer, and for the ZT2 50, and it says that the power train is a Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-2800. Ariens IKON XD with Kaw engine $3299. Hi Joe, Im not a big fan of the 300 series Deere ZTRs. Toro is consolidating their residential mower line and the new MyRide is selling faster than they can make them. The Toro has the option MyRide suspension that really smooths out the bumps. Would it be worth the extra money to go with the scag?Ive got a dealer 10 minutes from the house as opposed to a hour and a half for toro dealer. Paul Hi Sean, I really dont have a preference. Well scratch my last replythe more I talk to my neighbors with riding mowers the more I hear that they wished they wouldve gone with a bigger deck even for our small 1/3 to 1/2 acre yardsIll hear that around 50 is what people think is enough/wish they wouldve gotten. 4. 1. Really want a 48 deck min. GREAT website. Hi Clark, I loved the old Dixons but they had such a shallow deck that you couldnt use a high-lift/bagging blade on them so they had to use the blower to suck the grass out of the deck and throw it into the bagger. Toro does not offer tractor mowers, and so the best we can do here is attempt to compare Cub Cadets 54-inch tractor mower with Toros 54-inch Zero-turn mower. By the way it was a trade-in at a local dealer where it was originally purchased and serviced. Ive noticed that they offer two different engines though. I only mulch, and as often the case in the NW , the grass here is damp. The Fastrac is a great mower and the Raptor series has a good reputation especially if you have a good dealer to set the mower up initially. For the few extra dollars buy the Toro or Ariens. If you are used to a mid-mount ZTR and then use the Walker for an hour youll never go back to the mid-mount. Or Bagger for 42 inch Fab Deck. How are single-cylinder and twin-cylinder mower engines different? Post author By ; aleko lm137 manual Post date July 1, 2022; police clearance certificate in saudi arabia . Thanks. The Vanguard is B&S true commercial engine. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Although I like the Ariens Edge and IKON XD they dont have a bagger for it right now. Check out my article here on the Toro Titan. If you have the experience, a 60 inch or larger stand-on is the best choice for slopes. I suggest getting the Cyclone with the dual-wheel casters and the electric start engine. This product is a high-performance gas-operated zero-turn mower that will suit the needs of both homeowners and professionals. Cub Cadet Hauler | There are cheap yard carts, good carts and just plain junk. John Deere Z345M 42 in. Can you tell if your local Home Depot uses an authorized John Dear or Toro dealer for assembly, setup, delivery for their ZTs? I was also able to drive a zt1 50 at a cub dealer but he told me I could not engage the pto as then it would be considered used. Now, we are in a new home and are beginning to look for a mower to better meet our needs. I hate that it doesnt have armrests, but the red/black color is sweet. If you are mowing one acre and less properties the Walker will be faster overall. Both are a lot more agile so you can go around obstacles faster. Loncin is one of the worlds largest engine manufactures and their quality is legendary. They both have heavy-duty trannys, thick, fabricated decks, and very strong frames. He mentioned and agreed but also suggested that the Cub and Toro will tow the same. Im in my 70s and I want this to be the last mower I buy. What Im looking for: Reliability, ease of maintenance, attaching and detaching bagging and mulching kit, cut, easy to handle, one user, 42 deck, budget around $3k and willing to spend around $1k for accessories (mulch kit and bag) Being a small yards I doubt I would benefit much from features or comfort so thats not important. Torn on 3 brands. 60 inches. My second choice is the Ariens IKON XL. I would also want to avoid overly sensitive control bars. And the transmissions are not strong enough to pull that cart with more than 200 lbs in it. Im leaning towards a 42 inch deck for either mower I choose. The for the advice Paul. Thank you again! The deck sticks out farther to the left on this one and with the larger 20-inch rear tires its great for trimming. Appreciate your passion and what you do for the common folks on here. They look good and could use sharpening but no dents. Thank you for the research and in-depth articles; Ive learned a great deal already. The only reviews I can find about the Cub Cadet ZT1 state the vibration is only at low rpms. It has the upgraded Toro IronForged fabricated deck. If you are paying cash, buy whichever one you like the look of most. So Im all jammed up! If your lot is very rough and you want to mow parts of it only a few times a year its the best choice. For example, my Dodge Caravan can pull 5000 lbs but I should not have more than 150 lbs on the hitch (tongue weight) Any more weight than that and the weight would push the rear of the van down too much making the van hard to steer or even understeer on a corner causing an accident. Paul. We store towels, medicine, toiletry supplies, first-aid gear, massage devices, facial steamers, spare Painting your garage is a great way to improve the look of the space and make the walls easier to clean. If I stay with a 50 Im trying to decide between the toro mx5000, the zt1 50, or the ikon x 52. Dont be surprised if your neighbors take videos just to show their friends how fast you are mowing . In addition, some companies want their own exclusive brand so they dont have to price match another retailer. Toro timecutter HD or Yes, they look cool but if you put one next to a comparable commercial mower (Toro, Exmark, Scag, etc) you will find cheaper parts in the Spartan. Hi Ryan, I have no preference between the Kawasaki FR or the Kohler 7000. Now I just need to decide if Im willing to swallow that $1300 price difference for the Walker over the Clipper! Charlie Victor. So I scrapped it, and hired someone to do the mowing. They are one of the hidden gems of the mowing industry. Beast. It will last for you if you do two things. The kids who stayed in the business got used to the Kaws so they continued to put them on their next mower and so on. What model should i be looking at for a rough and hilly yard? Hes been a mechanic for over twenty-five years and shares his know-how and hands-on experience in our DIY repair guides. (Clean and change the blades every 3-6 weeks), If you want to see everything involved with owning a robotic mower here is the operators manual for the 435, Installation manual: I miss snow but if the investment makes my winters safer I am okay. I like having my weekends free for fun time. My yard is just over an acre, 95% flat with a small ditch in the front. I am orderingI dont think I can live with the regrets Ill have if I pass on this and buy a $4200 Gravely/Hustler locally! 48-52 inch zero-turns will typically travel faster than 42-inch models and some models will cut grass as fast as 9 MPH! I noticed right away the Deere appears to have a lighter frame, which I liked, so it weighs less. You are using an out of date browser. If you feel there is an different product that would better fit my needs then Id love to hear from you! I like the build quality of this mower, the cut quality, and I can easily recommend it for 2-3 acres. Hi Paul, Thanks so much for the reply. Let me start with the cart. It appears Cud Cadet has tried to up their game with the big boys. On the Toro, however, height is controlled using a lever thats beside the speed control. Fab Deck 24 HP Kawasaki FR V-Twin with Roll Over Protection and Front Wheel Suspension Available assembled and delivered through, Ariens APEX 60 Kawasaki Model 991163 60 Cutting Width Kawasaki FR730 engine 24 hp/726cc. Hi Chris, Quick change over to mulch or bag. The only other thing I can think of is the deck shell is warped. The Frames are different so the Deere looks lighter because it uses smaller tubing. (Since I review mowers I like to keep a fairly new unit here) $3500, 200 hours, very well maintained. SO, you really did make my day today. It has a deep-set 42-inch deck and a long-lasting dual, 22 HP engine. There is a ditch at 1 end and a hill/easement at the other. Hello Paul, I bought a Husky 48 with a Kawasaki engine and it runs fine but the transmission started to not like going up the hilly backyard I have. Just wanted to mention a few things the Apex is currently $300 off, making it a very good deal. Zero turns are excellent at maneuvering and at cutting laws efficiently. Since the Ariens Apex won the round out of the timecutter and ultima how does it stack up against the mz61. I cant tell if this mower is any less stable on the hillside. I was looking at getting a new mower. Thank you very much! The Kohler is the latest design and most fuel-efficient. If you have a local dealer to service it I have no problems recommending a Bush Hog. Heavy-Duty Fabricated Decks Built with many commercial components so the mower will take a beating Good for acreages, estates, farm lawns, farm ditches, and mowing pastures monthly. Its a few dollars more than the Ariens, but I like having a local dealer in case anything goes wrong. 2. No one else has this type of control because Country Clipper has the patent but its by far the best zero-turn steering on the market. Any thoughts or comments? Youll be able to mow your whole property in about four hours. Its just about commercial grade and only about $800 more. 42 inches. Its built heavier than the Timecutters but does not have the heavy-duty transmissions of the HD line. You seem very knowledgeable in the area and I would appreciate your opinion. We are finally in the position to invest in a new mower and we are considering the 2020 Husqvarna Power Zero Turn Mowers Commercial M-ZT61 Kawasaki (967 17 70-08), $7,000. Single-cylinder engines are less efficient and typically very loud. It is fairly rough ground and has two moderately steep areas. Hi Paul, Any advice would be appreciated. Pretty set on a Kaw engine. The last option Ive thought about is to use a robotic mower for the back hill, and go with a lower priced mower for the flat part. Do you know of any difference between the ones you get from the dealer and the big box stores? Thank you very much for your expertise and timely observations . I wish they didnt have so many mowers to choose from because it makes deciding that much harder. Long story short, I have recently moved into a new home that is 2.6 acres. Ill be as frank as possible. Consumers using both have found Toro's decks more durable than Cub Cadets'. The steel bars featured at the rear of the Cub Cadet zt1 might be for overall fancy-fancy, but they are built for protecting the engine from any exerted force that could be damaging should you bump into obstacles whilst mowing in reverse. BEAST zero turn mower Compare-Products 30 subscribers Subscribe 65 37K views 3 years ago A detailed comparison between the three leading zero turn lawn mowers Almost. I meant the Z355E 48, not 335. HI Greg, I use the specs page at Which would you suggest? I do like the ZT1 by Cub Cadet as well and the Z335E by John Derek. My 12-year-old Craftsman 42 lawn tractor just died and decided to replace it with a ZTR. I want a very good mulching zero-turn, preferably fabricated deck in the 42 to 46 range to fit through my storage doors. Which one do you think would be more durable? I am very new into this arena and have always cut with a walk behind. With todays ethanol-blended fuel you need a gas can that seals tight. I will be cutting about 3.5 acres with a few rolling hills. I will check out the Z355R. It is a step up from the Titan in ruggedness. I do think Ill like the wider rear tires on the Deere though. Youll need to sharpen the blades twice a year and replace them every 2-3 years. 2. Paul. Im already beginning to spend some coin having local vendors mow (3x now). I would greatly appreciate your advice regarding the best mower for my needs. Mow the lawn with the deck raised up a notch or two higher and you should get more life. Toro Time Cutter HD: If you are rough on your equipment the deck and deck hangers on the HD are tougher than the Walker. There are no other differences. Its a much lighter weight mower than the Toro or Cub Cadet.

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